With over 30 years of experience in design, programming, and installation our team

of certified professionals are proven experts in custom commercial, residential

design and integration we are dedicated to the highest standards of education,

certification and excellence.


                 We work with AV integrators, architects, contractors, interior designers, 
              lighting designers, and homeowners to find creative and attractive 
              ways to incorporate audio, video, and system control into every day 
              life. From conception to product delivery to installation and operation, 
              we create design systems that are reliable, easy to use and great 
              additions to any home or office.
              Structured Cabling

                       We install it all. Whether it's a simple installation 
              of category five cabling (Cat 6e) cabling with a few wall jacks, or an entire 
              structured cabling job for a new building, ETIGroup will deliver the best 
              products, practices, and services that you and your business can count on.
              The integrity of your network is only as great as the cabling that delivers 
              it and the hardware that protects it. So when it's time to install, upgrade 
              or revitalize your network, let ETIGroup demonstrate what a true, quality 
              installation will do to the vitality of your business.
             IT Services

                            Our IT consultants have decades of experience consulting for many different 
              industries and companies of all sizes. From onboarding new employees to 
              determining the most applicable cloud services for your business and 
              everything in between, our consultants will guide you every step of the way. 
              Additionally, having been around since 1999, we have extensive knowledge of 
              your older technology too.
              So, when it comes to businesses seeking IT consulting in the Las Vegas/Los Angeles area, 
              we've got you covered. ETIGroup will work with you to develop and implement 
              practical and cost effective solutions that are business minded and not just 
              focused on the latest technology. 
            Our sole mission is to represent 
              the technology interests of our valued clients, acting as a technology 
              partner, guide and representative from initial concepts through final 
              commissioning and project completion. 






All installations and installers are California C-7 Low Voltage Licensed and Bonded.
   ETIGroup is DVBE and SBE Certified State of California

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